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XXXXXX Meeting Rooms? Plan ahead and book in 2024 for only 99€ per day. XXXXXX


Virtual Office Solutions for Modern Businesses

Your Gateway to Greater Productivity and Flexibility: Transform your business into a professional enterprise with our Virtual Office solutions. Get all the benefits of a physical office without the overhead costs. Sign up today and start taking your business to new heights.

Virtual Office

Work Wise Main Entrance and Corridor


Your mail

39€ per month

Minimum of 3-months subscription

19€ per month for 1 year!

Sign up to 1 year and enjoy a 50% discount. Conditional on payment in advance (100% or 50% now & 50% in 1 month).


Larger influx

Your monthly plan includes up to 10 standard-sized packages per month, but you may go beyond the limit:

2€ per standard-size package beyond 10 packages per month;
Buy in advance and enjoy 50% discount on a pack of 50 standard-size packages, valid for the next 3 months.

5€ per package when mail is oversized (i.e. significantly beyond A4, namely 31x38x2cm);

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Co-working desk? Starting from 45€/month (50% discount!)

Meeting room? Starting from 9.5€/hour (50% discount!)

Include 3h in the secondary meeting room in your plan for only 22€

Locker? Starting from 14€/month (10% discount!)



Prices displayed do not include VAT, which will be added using the applicable legal tax rate.